Making Love

“The sizzling new sensation! Sex sells and this is a sure bestseller.”
Pittsburgh Press

“This is Norman Bogner’s best!”
Saturday Review Syndicate

“Funny and poignant.”
Daily Mail

“Bitter but honest.”

“Bogner’s best yet.”
Saturday Review

"Mr. Bogner's characters are riotously alive and keep our interest to the last, not only because he has such a swooping eye for detail and idiosyncrasies, but because he pities people who pursue and fail to understand why it disappoints them."
Birmingham Post



Spanish Fever

"Moments of comic inspiration."
The London Observer

"Outragerous philandering and earthy humour..."
Current Literature



The Madonna Complex

"Mr. Bogner's people claw themselves and each other to death and he describes their progress in thick powerful prose. It is a work of highly individual talent."
The Times Literary Supplement

"A sexy book...all the pathos, greed and grief, longing and impatience, holiness and obscenity, depravity and creativity of human exquisite and moving, terrifying and haunting multifaceted novel."
Chicago Tribune

"A ruthless billionaire tycoon is driven to possess a beautiful but flawed younger woman with a mind of her own in this psychodrama. Although Teddy Franklin casually buys and sells S&P 500 companies, he is stymied by Barbara Hickman, with whom he is completely obsessed...[An] engrossing tale, furnished with explicit sex scenes....long on atmosphere...plays on fantasies of high stakes living in the moneyed circles of New York."
Publishers Weekly, July 17, 2000

"An entertaining tale centering on the potential destructiveness of obsession. The story line is more of a character study than a thriller as Norman Bogner provides a deep look into Teddy and Barbara’s thought processes and inner gut emotions. Graphic sex scenes...add to the overall feel of the reader being an observer...the obsession which is the main story line brilliantly works, leading to a fabulous absorbing look at extreme behavior."
Harriet Klausner,

“Gripping ... compulsive readability ... as sophisticated as anyone could desire ... clearly Bogner understands women as not many men do.”
Saturday Review

Brilliant expose of obsessive love and lightning glimpses into a woman’s soul.”
Evening News

“A study in sex, greed, power ... an unusual book of great readability.”
Western Daily Press

“A femme fatale to make all her fiction predecessors seem like pillars of the Women’s Institute.”
Sunday Times



Honor Thy Wife

"This intricately plotted novel of family intrigue and ungovernable desire has all the ingredients for a compelling beach read: sex, love, lies, betrayal, hatred, revenge, threats of murder and eventual wish-fulfillment for an all-American guy...[A]ll the threads are satisfyingly tied up."
Publishers Weekly, July 12, 1999

[5 stars] "Honor Thy because Norman Bogner instills flaws, traits, and motives into his prime characters...[W]hat makes Mr. Bogner's novel a necessary read for fans of relationship dramas is the conversations between the protagonists as truths are revealed. Much gentler than To Die In Provence, this novel will receive honors for a well-written story."
Harriet Klausner,

"A highly involved [novel] whose title's irony is clear when criminal lawyer Terry Brett shows himself willing to honor both of his wives...Good storytelling."
Kirkus Reviews



7th Avenue

"Norman Bogner has created characters who are real, capable of being loved, hated, pitied, and above all, believed. His work is about hunger and passion, sex and love, hatred and revenge, pity and disgust, dissipation and nobility. It is life."
Nashville Banner



The Deadliest Art

"There's charm and humor and suspense to be found... [and a] shocker of a finale... Bogner's eloquent descriptions... are a fascinating combination of gut-wrenching violence and gut-busting commentary on the contemporary art scene."
Dick Lochte, Los Angeles Times


To Die In Provence

"A great read. You can almost taste the flavors and aromas of Provence, almost sit on a terrace and feel the sun. And in the Garden of Eden is a human snake, one of the most terrifying killers to appear in years."
Barbara D'Amato, Agatha and Anthony Award-winning author

“When you pick up To Die in Provence, you won’t put it down until you’ve finished it. This fast-paced, suspenseful, psychological thriller is a real page turner, one that kept me on the edge of my chair right to the end. Norman Bogner has drawn extraordinary portraits of two young psychopathic killers who are all too frighteningly real. At the same time he has painted an evocative picture of Aix-en-Provence right down to the taste and smells as well as the Cézanne-like vistas. Well written and skillfully plotted, the novel is bound to hit the bestseller lists.”

“Norman Bogner writes like the devil: scary, intriguing, full of passion, wit, and real seductive. His murder most foul is complex and a great read, an intelligent and spine-tingling thriller. It’s gourmet stuff concocted by a great chef: it goes down like escargot with a good Pouilly-Fuisse -- rich fare which you’ll enjoy immensely.”
JOHN NICHOLS, author of The Milagro Bean Field War  etc.

“Perfumes, scents, essences of Provence; take deep intoxicating breaths while reading.”
NICOLAS FREELING, winner of the Silver Dagger and Edgar Award

To Die in Provence is about some of my favorite subjects: women, food, murder and France. Having lived there myself, I can say that Norman Bogner has captured in this brilliantly written novel of suspense, the sights, flavors and smells of Provence. He has created a remarkable detective and one of the most perverse, frightening villains in contemporary fiction. I couldn’t put it down. Plan to stay up all night.”

To Die in Provence is a great read. You can almost taste the flavors and aromas of Provence, almost sit on a terrace and feel the sun. And in the Garden of Eden is a human snake, one of the most terrifying killers to appear in years.”
BARBARA D’AMATO, Agatha and Anthony Award-winning author of The Doctor, the Murder, the Mystery, current President of Sisters in Crime

“I’ve read Norman Bogner’s To Die in Provence and I must say, he scores a scary bull’s eye with this one, like a baguette straight to the heart. I know I’ll be thinking of “Boy” for some time to come and looking over my shoulder whenever I do. Move over, Hannibal Lector, and pass the brie!”
Anthony Bruno, author of  Devil’s Food etc.

“Like the recipes over which his characters feud and obsess, Norman Bogner’s To Die in Provence is wonderfully delicious, immensely satisfying and so rich that the reader is left sated but, at its end, already hungering for Bogner’s next feast. I was there, in Provence, while reading this book. With wit, elegance and insight, Bogner weaves a stunning tale of murder which -- in stark contrast to the pleasure of being transported to Aix-en-Provence and the delight of getting to know his wonderfully quirky characters -- is sure to haunt and chill even the most hardened crime novel enthusiasts. To Die in Provence is brilliant, a true treasure.”
APRIL Christofferson, author of Edgewater etc.



The Hunting Animal

“A searing, brutal and anguished comedy about those people who are owned body and soul by success.”
Roderick Thorp

“A novelist’s highest achievement ... Savage in its implications.”
Kansas City Star

“This is a tough one, all right, raunchy, mean, devastating.”

“The best Bogner to date. Funny and sad, fast-paced and unsparingly realistic ... illuminates the human condition.”
Irving Wallace

The Hunting Animal is a savage, brilliant, beautifully written, and scathingly honest novel about men and women and how they pleasure one another. Norman Bogner has written the novel of his life, and of ours.”
Harold Robbins




"Color, excitement ... The pace never lets up.”
John Barkham Reviews

“Vivid ...action-filled ...consistently entertaining.”

"Another Godfather ... It has virtually everything!”
Abilene Reporter-News



In Spells No Longer Bound




California Dreamers



The Match


The Waiters



Privilege (published)



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